Rich Rock & Mineral Resources in North China

Prime manufacturer, supplier & exporter of a wide range of industrial minerals such as raw vermiculite, quartz sand, marble stones, mica material.

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MiningValleys Factory

Mineral-based Manufacturer

MiningValleys is located in the north of China, the rich non-metallic minerals resources of vermiculite, mica, and high-purity quartz sand. Having been dedicated to researching, developing, and manufacturing mineral products for over 12 years, we started mineral exporting and trading internationally from China. We hope to build a friendly business relationship with all clients from worldwide.

Innovation Technology

MiningValleys always considers innovation as a cornerstone of growth and profitability for our customers and a prerequisite for long-term performance. R&D focus on expanding the safety and quality of construction chemicals from our extensive Chinese network of sourcing office.

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mica product quality control

High-quality Products

Improving product quality and lowing production costs is always the main goal of MININGVALLEYS. We’ve built a broad, system-wide quality assurance program. Manufacturing standards are certified to ISO 9001: 2000 by the Chinese Government.

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