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Raw Vermiculite Flake

Vermiculite flake has a layer structure. It has the properties of heat insulation, frozen-proof, fire-proof, water absorption, and sound absorption, etc.
Vermiculite flake is widely used in heat insulation of ceiling, cold storage, water-proof board, heat preservation of tube, friction plate of automobile, painting, coating, and other fields.

Known as one of the dependable Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers, we offer premium quality Raw Vermiculite Flakes for diverse industrial needs. Both in silver-white and gold colors, and sizes per buyer’s requirements.

gold vermiculite flake

Versatile Usage of Vermiculite Flake

Vermiculite flakes have been widely used in construction, metallurgy, petroleum, shipbuilding, environmental protection, heat preservation, heat insulation, insulation, energy-saving, and other industries.

We have both Silver-white Raw Vermiculite Flake and Gold Raw Vermiculite.

Grades of Raw Vermiculite Flake

As usual, the raw vermiculite flake can be divided into 5 grades according to size:

  • Grade 1 (No 1 called in China), size >15mm;
  • Grade 2 (No 2 called in China), size 7~15mm;
  • Grade 3 (No 3 called in China), size 3~7mm;
  • Grade 4 (No 4 called in China), size <1-3mm;
  • Grade 5 (No 5 called in China), size <1mm;
  • And there’re also some cross-boundary vermiculite flakes that smaller than No3 and larger than No4.

The common grades we supply are Grade 3(No 3), Grade 4 (No 4), and Grade 5 (No 5). You can find them in the following products list.

Xinjiang Silver Crude Vermiculite Flake:

Hebei Gold Crude Vermiculite Flake:

Size and Expansion Times of Raw Vermiculite Flake

Size (mm)Density (g/cm3)MoistureExpanding TimesImpurity
0.3-10.8-0.951-2%6.5 Times16-20%
1-20.8-1.041-2%7-8 Times15-18%
2-40.9-1.01-2%7-8 Times15-18%
3-70.9-1.01-2%7 Times15-18%
Crude Vermiculite Flake Size and Expansion Times

Raw Vermiculite Manufacturer

With modern machines and advanced technologies, we produced high-quality products. The vermiculite expanding times could reach 5 to 11 times. Each year we can produce more than 80,000 tones of gold vermiculite and 30,000 tones of silver vermiculite. All grades of vermiculite on the market are available in our company.

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient, and efficient packaging services will be provided.

Packaging & Shipping

With the advantage of rich non-metallic mineral resources in Lingshou county, Hebei province, which has the main golden vermiculite ore in the north of China, after over 12 years of research and development, MiningValleys has been one of the successful mineral product manufacturers in China. We’ve built long-term business relationships with customers from more than twenty countries and regions, such as the USA, Russia, Japan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.

  • Package details: 15kg, 25kg, 50kg in PP bags; or 100L/1000L jumbo bags for shipment;
  • Delivery time: Normally 5-20days after we get the advance payment or the L/C.
  • Samples prepared within 2days after receiving your express payment.
  • Port: Tianjin port.

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unexpanded vermiculite

Raw Vermiculite

Vermiculite flake is the crude vermiculite ore, generally called unexpanded vermiculite. After mining from the quarry, the impurities are removed, the appearance is flaky, so it is called vermiculite flakes, also called raw vermiculite, raw vermiculite ore, crude vermiculite, unexpanded vermiculite, unframed vermiculite. With the colors brown, golden, dark green, with oil-like luster. After heating, they change to yellow, brown, and silver-white.

gold expanded vermiculite

The exfoliation process is carried out commercially by passing crude vermiculite through a furnace chamber in a controlled manner. The crude vermiculite then expands at right angles to the cleavage planes, producing concertina-shaped particles many times their original volume. Exfoliated vermiculite size ,includes 0.5-3mm1-3mm1-4mm 2-4mm 2-3mm 3-5mm3-6mm4-8mm6-8mm,special size can be
done as per customer’s demands.

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