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MiningValleys. Rich Mineral Resources.

MiningValleys belongs to Yunze Mineral Products Co., LTD company in Hebei province of China. Being based on rich mineral resources of Vermiculite Mineral, Mica Mineral, Quartz Mineral, and Rock mineral in northern China, we concentrated to develop and manufacture over 100 kinds of mineral products, including raw vermiculite flake, expanded vermiculite powder, natural mica flake, mica powder, synthetic mica flake, high purity quartz sand, colored silica sand, and landscape rock pebbles. All of those products come in different types and sizes for different usage.

MiningValleys started the company as a mining and quarry company in 2004. During our commencing years, we mainly dealt with the manufacturing of quartz and vermiculite minerals. And the business was confined by serving the domestic market only. After going through struggles, and lots of hard work, we’ve gained trust from customers worldwide. We received a gem response overseas and expanded our exportation worldwide, which proved to be a huge success for us.

Factory Overview

Our Values

1. Quality Guarantee

MiningValleys enforces a broad quality assurance program. Manufacturing standards are certified to ISO 9001: 2000 by the Chinese Government.

2. Timely Delivery

We work day and night, striving to manufacture flawless products and ensure the timely delivery of the products.

3. Full Service

We’re a full-service materials partner helping our customers minimize the manufacturing costs and meet requirements at all levels of the supply chain.

4. Environment Friendly

For decades, we have always been committed to ensuring that no harm is imposed on our environment. The environment inside the workplace is made favorable for the workers.

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