Blue Colored Mica Flakes

Colored Mica Flakes

Colored Mica Flake is created by adding and mixing in process of getting natural mica flakes at high temperatures. Colorants permanently penetrate into the structure of the mica flakes, and the sieving process for the separation of flakes fraction by size the flake removes pigment that has not penetrated the mica. White flakes obtained in the calcination process, i.e., annealing of natural mica at high temperatures without the use of colorants.

  • Rich colors, durable and beautiful, never fade, ECO friendly.
  • Compatible with all kinds of resins.
  • Acid and alkaline resistant.
  • High temperature and hot water resistance

Features of Colored Mica Flake

As a decorative material, colored mica flake has the features of good color-retaining, waterproof, insulation, high-temperature resistance, luster, stable physical and chemical properties. It is not sticky when it’s hot and not crisp when it’s cold. It takes on many bright colors. It is not only an excellent material for manufacturing stone-like coatings and granite coatings but also new decorative material for inner wall paints.

  • Excellent adhesion, good compatibility with aqueous resin.
  • Rich colors, durable and beautiful, never fade, the colors can be customized.
  • Excellent water resistance, alkali resistance, flexibility.
  • High temperature and hot water resistance.
  • Make ordinary natural stone paint become high-grade synthetic granite.

Colors of Mica Flakes

Sizes of Colored Mica:

  • Mica flake: 1-2mm, 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 3-6mm, 4-10 mesh, 10-20 mesh, 15 mesh, 20 mesh.
  • Mica powder: 40 mesh, 40-60 mesh, 100 mesh, 120 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 400 mesh, 500 mesh.
  • OEM available: Yes

Wide Applications of Colored Mica Flakes

The colored mica flakes are widely used in construction, interior decoration, wall stone paint of interior and exterior and relief etc., has the features of glossy, waterproof, corrosion resistant, non-toxic, strong bond, brilliant color etc.

Packing & Delivery

  • Package Details: Generally, we use 25kg/Bag or 550kg to load the mica. 15 tons can be loaded into one 20FCL.
  • Port: Tianjin Port.
  • Lead Time: 7-25 days after payment according to your order quantities.
  • Usual MOQ: One 20FCL container. If you need a small amount, we can send you by air or by LCL without MOQ limitation.

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