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Being located in the north of China, with the rich non-metallic minerals resources of vermiculite, quartz stone, mica raw material, MiningValleys has expanded a wide range of product lines, including gold vermiculite, silver vermiculite, vermiculite board, raw vermiculite flake, natural quartz sand, artificial colored quartz sand, fused silica sand, mica flake, mica powder, etc.

Wide Types of Product Diversification

All these products can be widely used in various industries, including Decorative, Agriculture, Mining, Rail, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Military & Aviation, Marine, Medical, Wind, Solar & Batteries, Decorative, Household & Consumer Products, etc.

Competitive Pricing Advantages

With the advantage of rich non-metallic mineral resources in our hometown, we always strive to make our products better, provide on-time delivery of superior vermiculite, quartz, mica mining products at competitive pricing.

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