use vermiculite in fireplace

Coarse grade exfoliated vermiculite that used in gas log fireplaces. By pouring into the burner pan, vermiculite granules add sparkle and shine to the fireplace for a real wood burning effect and evenly distribute the flame. It is safe to use vermiculite for the gas fireplace as the depletion of carbon monoxide and oxygen are safe and without asbestos.

Spread the Vermiculite Granules to the top of your gas burner pipe, and your fireplace seems a beautifully realistic bed to build your gas log setup.

  • Natural mineral without any stains or colorants.
  • Withstands the extreme temperatures without damage or crumbling.
  • Add realism to your gas burner setup.
  • Store heat that is slowly released over time which can warm up the house
  • Lasts seasons and will not crumble or break down.
  • Apply to the outdoor and indoor fireplace.
  • Compatible with Natural Gas and Propane Fireplaces.

Advantages of Our Vermiculite:

  • Specially Formulated
    Vermiculite Granules are made of high-quality expanded vermiculite, specially formulated for use in a gas log set fireplaces utilizing propane gas.
  • Contributes Realism
    The flame looks more natural and consistent with the flames more evenly dispersed.
  • Adds Sparkle and Shine
    The mica-like flakes add sparkle and shine to the fireplace for additional effect.
  • Safe to Use
    100% asbestos-free and 100% carbon monoxide and oxygen depletion safe!

Is Vermiculite Safe for Gas Fireplace?

It is completely safe to use our vermiculite granules for gas logs.

  • This high-quality exfoliated vermiculite is 100 percent asbestos-free and does not contribute to carbon monoxide or oxygen depletion.
  • Vermiculite is lightweight, incombustible, compressible, highly absorbent, and non-reactive.

How to Use Vermiculite in a Gas Fireplace?

glowing gas fireplace with vermiculite
  1. Fully turn off your propane or gas fireplace.
  2. Poured silica sand into the top and bottom burner pan for distributing the gas evenly throughout the burner pan.
  3. Then cover the sand with rock wool and vermiculite.
  4. Place the grate over the burner pan.
  5. Attach the artificial logs to the burner pan.
  6. Light your gas fireplace, then as you expect, the flame is sparkle and shine like real coal are burning.

Bulk Buy Vermiculite Granules for Gas Fireplace

If you run a home fireplace installation or sell fireplace or stove accessories, you might need a bulk buy silica sand and vermiculite for gas fireplace. MiningValleys offers high-quality vermiculite in both gold and silver colors. A wide variety of sizes are available. Specially designed granules to decorate the wood logs set. Contact us to request the wholesale price, we’ll try our best to give you the competitive price with the highest quality.

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