Muscovite Mica Flakes

Natural Muscovite Mica Flakes

Muscovite, often called ‘white mica’, is the lightest colored mica mineral. Usually colorless, white or silver, occasionally yellow or brown.

These Mica Flakes are actually chipped from natural flaked stone, and contain natural imperfections that come from actual stone. White mica flakes are usually opalescent, glass-like flakes. They are suitable for many paints and coatings. May be broken up by crushing for larger distribution of particle size.

  • Cost effective and qualitative Natural Mica Flakes.
  • Rough compressed stone texture look provides an excellent visual impact.
  • White Mica Flakes are opalescent, glass-like flakes.
  • Used For paint, plaster, epoxy and more!

Product Information:

  • Name: Muscovite Mica Flakes
  • Appearance: Not only transparent and nearly colorless, most have a slight brown, yellow, green, or rose-color tint.
  • Features: Characteristics of insulation, high temperature resistance, luster, stable physical.
  • Available sizes: 1-2mm, 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-6mm, 20mesh, 40mesh, 60mesh, 100mesh.
  • Applications: The mica flakes can be used for building, paintings, crafts, home decoration, furniture, interior design, nail DIYs, slime and artistic work.

Muscovite Mica Flakes

Natural White Mica Flakes Muscovite is the most common mineral of the mica family. It is an important rock-forming mineral present in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. It is also the most widely used mica.

Distinguished features:

  • Insulation
  • High temperature resistant.
  • Stable physical and chemical property.
  • Good heat insulation, elasticity and toughness.

Safe to Use:

The Mica Flakes are designed to be nontoxic, non-radioactive and completely harmless for skin touch, which are actual chipped natural mica flaked stone.

Safe to use for indoor and outdoor, no harmful chemicals to people and art making. With fine workmanship and light weight.

More Colors Option

We have 13 colors for your choice. The largest color variety can be added sparking and shiny for your projects, DIY decoration and crafts making.

View the Differences of Natural White Mica Flakes:

There are three different types of colors: Silver white, Snow White, and Pearl White.

Snow White Mica Flakes

Silver White Mica Flakes

Pearl White Mica Flakes

Wide Application:

The mica flakes can be used for building, paintings, crafts, home decoration, furniture, interior design, nail DIYs, slime and artistic work.

  1. Used in decorating, paint and coating.
  2. Mica powder is the basic raw material for mica ceramics products.
  3. It can be used in fire-fighting dry powder, protecting layer of welding rods, conducting wires and electric cables.
  4. It can be taken as a filler, shelter, lubricating substance, drawing of patterns in plastics, rubber, asbestos products and sealing materials. It can also be used as a filler in degreasing agent of cosmetics, in insulating materials of high-frequent electric waves and acid-durable products. It can be used as coating in models of forecasting metal, the brightening material in aluminum and paint in electroplating bath.

Sizes of Natural Mica:

  1. Mica Flakes: 1-2mm, 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-6mm, 20mesh, 40mesh, 60mesh, 100mesh.
  2. Mica Powder: 200mesh, 325mesh, 400mesh, 600mesh, 800mesh, 1000mesh, 1250mesh, 2500mesh, etc.
  3. Mica Sheet: Length≤12cm, width≤12cm, Thickness: 0.5mm, different size.
  4. Note: Other sizes can be customized according to your demands.

Properties of Muscovite White Mica

Chemical Composition:

Chemical Composition of Muscovite Mica

Physical Properties:

Index of refractionBrightnessMoistureSandThicknessHeat resistanceLoss in heatingPHOil absorptivityVickers
2801.645°-75°< 1%1%60More than 1000°C2.8-3%7.0-8.048-500g/100g2.5-4
Physical Properties of Muscovite Mica

Packing & Delivery

  • Package Details: Generally, we use 25kg/Bag or 550kg to load the mica. 15 tons can be loaded into one 20FCL.
  • Port: Tianjin Port.
  • Lead Time: 7-25 days after payment according to your order quantities.
  • Usual MOQ: One 20FCL container. If you need a small amount, we can send you by air or by LCL without MOQ limitation.

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