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Vermiculite for Mushrooms

Vermiculite is a natural mica mineral for growing mushrooms. It can be used as part of your substrate, to provide micro-nutrients and aerate bulk substrates to promote faster colonization and larger flushes. Horticultural Grade Vermiculite is perfect as a soil additive or as an ingredient in mushroom substrate causing as well as PF tek type mushroom growing.

Available in both medium and fine grades. We recommend the fine grade as it has a greater water retention capacity and is more suitable for an external casing when doing a ‘dunk and roll’ using BRF cakes.

gold expanded vermiculite
Silver 20-40mesh

Product Highlight:

  • Horticultural Vermiculite
  • An efficient and popular soil conditioner.
  • Loosens soil, provides aeration, retains water.
  • Mould resistant, non-toxic and odorless.
  • Minimal dust
  • Provides aeration to the substrate.
  • Often used in combination with Coconut Coir to provide a simple bulk substrate for various mushrooms.

What Grade Vermiculite for Mushrooms?

Fine grade vermiculite absorbs and quickly releases moisture. So fine (small) sized vermiculite is commonly used as an ingredient in mushroom substrate cakes, such as PF-tek style cakes. The PF tek recipe is 2 parts fine vermiculite, 1 part brown rice flour, 1 part H2O.

How to Use Vermiculite With Mushrooms?

By itself, Vermiculite has a neutral pH and is therefore not suitable as a sole substrate for growing mushrooms that need slightly acidic pH substrate. However, it can be combined with other materials to achieve the proper balance.

Mushrooms need three elements to thrive: water, a growing medium, and aeration. Vermiculite is an essential element that helps promote the healthy propagation of many different types of mushroom cultivation. It is a popular add-on to many grow kits that helps to create bigger, healthier mushrooms.

Vermiculite is also an excellent casing layer as it helps mushrooms spores to produce fruit. Casing layers are beneficial for several reasons. When combined in a substrate with brown rice flour, vermiculite can provide a contamination barrier that will also protect the spores from degradation while growing.

Wholesale Vermiculite for Mushroom

MiningValleys wholesale Horticulture Vermiculite for soil additive. As a professional factory-based vermiculite manufacturer and exporter, we offer high-quality expanded vermiculite. Available in a full range of sizes like 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-6mm, 4-8mm, 24-40 mesh, 40-80 mesh. For clients and customers who need to bulk buy expanded vermiculite, you can contact our sales expert ( to get the best price! For individual users who want to grow their own crop all-year-round, Mushroom Growing Kit Amazon can be the choice.

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