white mica powder

Natural Mineral Mica Powder

  • Silky luster: Natural mica powder has a unique sheet structure, which looks silky luster and smooth.
  • Wide applications: Natural cosmetic grade mica powder is widely used in many occasions such as slime dyes making, soap colorants making, bath bomb making, candle mold making and colorants.
  • Let your life shine: Mica powder has pearlescent effect. Smear a little mica flour, the object would become colorful and shining.
  • Non-toxic: This mica powder is made of natural nonmetallic minerals, whose main component is silica.
  • Safe to Use: It is definitely safe to use this mica powder as a kind of pigment.

Product Information:

  • Name: Natural Mica Powder
  • Color: White, Silver, Gold, Green, Grey, Black, Brown
  • Features: Characteristics of great flexibility, chemically inert and excellent thermal stability.
  • Available sizes: 20mesh, 60mesh,100mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh, 400mesh, 500mesh, 600mesh, 1250mesh, 2500mesh, etc.
  • Applications: Natural mica powder can be used in decoration, electrode, painting material, paint, rubber, fire control, plastic, paper making, asphalt felt, oil-well drilling, cosmetics, and more.

Natural Mica Powder

Mica powder is a kind of non-metallic mineral, which contains a variety of components, mainly SiO_2, the content of which is generally about 49%, and Al_2O_3 is about 30%. It has the good characteristics of non-toxic, good elasticity, toughness, insulation, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong adhesion, etc. To take a little mica powder and apply it on your wrist, it has a pearlescent effect which looks shining.

Super Fine Natural Mica Powder
Super Fine Natural Mica Powder

Advantages of Mica Powder

  • Dimensional stability
  • High reflectivity
  • Non toxic
  • Good UV barrier
  • Useful water barrier
  • Improves flexibility
  • Chemical resistance
  • High aspect ratio
  • Reasonable cost
  • Thermal stability
  • Electrical resistance
  • Heat resistant

Wide Range of Applications

  • Gold Phlogopite Mica can be widely used in building materials industry, fire industry, fire extinguishing agent, welding rod, plastic, electrical insulation, paper making, asphalt paper, rubber, pearlescent pigment and other chemical industry.
  • Widely used in building materials industry, fire industry, fire extinguishing agent, welding rod, plastic, electrical insulation, paper making, asphalt paper, rubber, pearlescent pigment and other chemical industry.
  • Superfine mica powder used as plastic, coating, paint, rubber and other functional fillers can improve their mechanical strength, toughness, adhesion, anti-aging and corrosion resistance.

White Muscovite Mica Powder

Gold Phlogopite Mica Powder

Versatile Applications of Mica Powder

Natural Mica Powder can be used in various field, such as paint, rubber, ceramics, industrial mineral filler; for decoration, electrode, fire control, plastics, paper making; and painting material: Epoxy floor, stone painting, building painting & coating, etc.


Cosmetic grade mica powder has a unique sheet structure, which looks silky luster and smooth. The natural texture makes the skin have the excellent affinity and the glittering and translucent beautiful effect, endowing the cosmetics with the characteristics of soft touch, soft luster, good affinity and strong skin sticking force. It is the first choice of high-grade powder material in the cosmetics industry.

It is widely used in many occasions such as lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, eye shadows, nail polish, compact powder, loose powder, hair styling jelly, shampoo, bath gel, and etc.

Mica Powder Soap
Mica Powder for coating


Coating mica powder is a new kind of functional eco-friendly filler. Its unique features such as two-dimensional sheet barrier, uv resistance, and stable chemical structure effectively improve the coating film permeability, weather resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. What’s more, mica powder does not contain any radioactive elements, leading the trend of green environmental protection in the field of coating.

Natural mica powder is widely used in building exterior wall coating, anti-corrosion coating, powder coating, high temperature resistant coating, insulation coating, waterproof coating, landmark coating, anti-radiation coating and some special coatings, such as ship coating, space aircraft thermal control coating and food vessel coating.


Ground mica ground can be successfully mixed with various thermoplastic polymeric materials and thermosetting resins and most of them can be used in products that have a direct contact with food. Ground mica is often used in the production of plastic products such as: thermoplastic polymers (PP, PE, ABS, PS, HIPS, SAN, BDS, etc.) thermosetting resins (polyester, acrylic, polyurethane, etc.).

It is used in the form of powders of different grain size, which can be dispersed and distributed in a single or twin-screw extruders or added directly to the polymer mass by an additional dispenser located at the form.

ground mica for plastics
Mica Powder for Rubber


Mica powder is used as a filler in rubber products.

The use of mica increases the hardness, breaking strength and tearing of rubber products. Improves flexibility and improves the appearance of rubber articles. Mica as a gum component prevents mass concentration and decreases gas penetration.

Mica ground is used as a base in the forms and drums in the production of latex, synthetic foams and rubber hoses. Is also used as a natural and artificial paint (pigment) in rubber products such as shower caps, clothes, toys, balloons, etc. Mica particles provide attractive bright, glossy effect of rubber products.


Thanks to its unique properties, ground mica protects against moisture, heat, gas, water and other chemicals. Mica flakes reflect light, creating a unique glow effect.

Ground mica ground meets decorative features adding gloss in:

  • wallpapers
  • decorative paper
  • decorative cardboard
  • greeting cards, etc.
mica powder for paper

Sizes of Natural Mica Powder:

  1. Mica Flakes: 1-2mm, 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-6mm, 20mesh, 40mesh, 60mesh, 100mesh.
  2. Mica Powder: 200mesh, 325mesh, 400mesh, 600mesh, 800mesh, 1000mesh, 1250mesh, 2500mesh, etc.
  3. Mica Sheet: Length≤12cm, width≤12cm, Thickness: 0.5mm, different size.
  4. Note: Other sizes can be customized according to your demands.

Chemical Composition:

Silicon dioxideSiO242.99%
Potassium oxideK2O11.23%
Magnesium oxideMgO28.84%
Loss on ignitionH2O2.15%
Chemical Composition of Phlogopite Mica

Packing & Delivery

  • Package Details: Generally, we use 25kg/Bag or 550kg to load the mica. 14-16 tons can be loaded into one 20FCL.
  • Port: Tianjin Port.
  • Lead Time: 7-25 days after payment according to your order quantities.
  • Usual MOQ: One 20FCL container. If you need a small amount, we can send you by air or by LCL without MOQ limitation.

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