colored quartz silica sand

Colored Silica Sand is widely used in architectural decoration, terrazzo aggregate, stone paint, building coating, etc. MiningValleys offer two main types of colored sand, Natural Colored Sand, and Artificial Colored Sand.

colored silica quartz sand

Key Features

  • Brilliant colors and high light resistance
  • Wide range of colors and blends
  • Dependable reproducibility
  • Safe for aquatic life
  • Resistance to acid and alkali
  • Good solubility with all kinds of resin.

Natural Color Sand vs. Artificial Colored Sand


Natural Color Sand is made from natural marble and granite stone through the process of selection, broken,
powdered, classification, packaging, and so on.

Artificial Colored Sand is made of fine marble or fine quartz sand, through the high-temperature sintering, or chemical coloring process. It is colorful and fast colors.

Key Feature:

Natural stone is the source material of natural color sand. So the sand does not contain any pigment. With natural-looking color, natural color sand is non-toxic, tasteless, anti-corrosion, resistant to acid and alkali, anti-exposure, luster lasting, and so on.

Artificial Colored Sand has all kinds of uniform particle size, particle round can be arbitrary grading. The Color is rich and abundant, lasting beauty, and environmentally friendly. Artificial colored silica sand has an extremely good ability to resistance to acid and alkali, chemical solvent, and heat water. It has good solubility with all kinds of resin.


Natural color sand can be widely used in building decorations, terrazzo aggregate, true stone paints, color sand coating, bathtub decoration, seaweed sand. Advanced spray coating which is made of natural color sand has features like non-toxic, tasteless, bright luster, soft, high stereo sense, etc.

With the advantages of luster, smooth, hard, and wear-resistant, natural color sand can make new exterior stone paint, embossing, sandstone, and other products. Advanced spray coating which is made of natural color sand has features like non-toxic, tasteless, bright luster, soft, high stereo sense, etc.

Artificial Colored Sand is the perfect floral art sand and can be used in a variety of sand art projects. Our Color sand can also be used to create colorful sand paintings or mosaics, and sand projects for home decor and gifting. Add that extra decorative dimension to paper mache, jewelry, baskets, wood cut-outs, boxes, and plaques. A full range of beautiful colors gives you limitless design possibilities. it’s very easy to make your own, and you can create a wider range of colors than the pre-mixed sand that is available.

Colors We Provide:

A full range of colors are available in our color silica sand: White Series, Black Series, Red Series, Yellow Series, Green Series.

  • Black Series: Chinese Black, Crystal Black, Taihang Black, etc.
  • Gray Series: Gray Jade, Lividity, Grey, etc
  • Red Series: Chinese Red, Cherry Red, Orange, Taihang Red, Liver Red, Lingshan Red, Pink, Poppy Red, Dot Red, Coffee Red, Quarzite Rosa Diamante, etc.
  • Yellow Series: Chrysanthemum Yellow, Topaz Yellow, Golden Yellow, Fraction Yellow, Cream-colored Yellow, Floor Yellow, Tiger Skin Yellow, True Floor Yellow, Medium Yellow, The New Medium Yellow, and so on.
  • Green Series: Fruit-Green, Prairie Green, Lime Green, Phoenix Green, Evergreen, etc.
  • Purple Series: Purple Coffee, Violet, etc.
  • White Series: Snow White, White Marble, Texture Round Sand, etc.

Sizes of Color Sand

  • 3-4 mesh, 4-6 mesh, 6-10 mesh, 10-20 mesh, 20-40 mesh, 40-80 mesh, 80-120 mesh, 120-180 mesh, 200 mesh;
  • We accept customization as your requirements.


  • Water-proof roll material
  • Art / Painting / Bottle
  • Picture Craft, kids
  • Waterproof materials
  • Wedding decoration
  • Painting of epoxy floor
  • Construction
  • Stone-like coating
  • Building painting
  • The manufacture of marble, architectural decoration,
  • Floor tile, decorative ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, and so on.

Company Introduction

color sand manufacturer

Professional Colored Sand Suppliers

Being a mineral products production, processing, and trading company, MiningValleys supplies high purity silica quartz sand, natural color sand, artificial colored silica sand, vermiculite, mica, rock chips, and other non-metallic mineral products around the world. Based on the abundant mineral resources, and convenient transportation, we have built advanced production technology, established a first-class multi-level management system, strictly checked product quality, absolutely guarantees delivery date and delivery-related services.

Our colored quartz sand, rock chips, mica, and vermiculite are exported to Japan, West Germany, Thailand, Korea, and other countries around the world. We truly value your business and look forward to many more years of mutually profitable relationships.

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