high purity white silica sand

High Purity Silica Sand

High purity quartz sand is also named as silica sand, silica powder, and silica dioxide powder.

We supply high purity quartz sand used in a variety of industries and applications. The purity of quartz sand is mostly determined by the manufacturing method and subsequent handling. We take special precautions at all stages of production to maintain high purity.

White natural quartz sands are widely used in glassmaking, casting, ceramics and fireproof materials, smelting ferrosilicon, metallurgical flux, metallurgy, construction, chemical, plastics, rubber, abrasive, filter, and other industries.

natural white silica sand

Product Description:

  • White grains of homogeneous size.
  • The chief ingredient is silicon dioxide.
  • Of high purity.
  • Secure and Sanitary.
  • Can be used to separate and refine mixed components because different components have different absorption duration on this silica gel.

White Quartz Sand Specification:

Proportion (g/cm3)2.66Mosh Strength7.5
Bulk density (g/cm3)1.75Porosity (%)43-47
No-uniform coefficient (K80)≤1.8SiO2 (%)85 – 99.5
Breakage (%)0.53Al2O3≤ 0.15
Clay rate (%)≤1Fe2O3 (%)≤ 0.04
Wear rate (%)0.38CaO

Typical Applications

  • Glass Industry. 
  • Machinery casting sand, grinding materials.
  • Construction: concrete, cementitious materials, construction materials, artificial marble, test material physical properties of cement (cement standard sand).
  • Ceramic and Refractory material. 
  • Plastic & Rubber.
  • Chemical.
  • Metallurgical silicon metal, ferrosilicon alloy, and silicon Aluminum Alloy.

A Full Range of Sizes of White Silica Sand

Size for water purification:

0.5-1mm, 1-2mm, 2-4mm, 4-8mm, 8-16mm, 16-32mm

silica sand size for water filtration

Size for Industry Field

High purity silica sand use for industry field, glass, ceramics, casting, chemicals, construction, and building materials.
4-8mm, 8-16mm, 16-26mm, 26-40mm, 40-70mm, 70-120mm, 325mm

Packing & Delivery

  • Package Details: 25kg (55lb)/bag, 40 bags packed in a 1000kg (2200lb) bulk bag or pallet. 1000kg (2200lb) jumbo bag or depending upon your customer’s requirement.
  • Lead Time: 3-25 days after payment according to your order quantities.
  • MOQ: 5 tons.
  • Port: Tianjin port.

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