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Vermiculite is an economical and easy reptile incubation substrate for experienced breeders. Vermiculite is considered by many to be the ultimate incubation media for many species of reptiles including snakes, lizards, tortoises, turtles, and more!

We offer fine to medium grade vermiculite (free of asbestos) as egg incubating media. The typical egg incubating mix is 200 grams dry vermiculite to 140 grams water (10 to 7 ratio, by weight).

  • 0-4 mm granulation lies close to the eggs and is ideal for small and soft-shelled eggs
  • 3-6 mm granulation improves the gas exchange and is ideal for large and hard-shelled eggs

We’re a factory-based vermiculite manufacturer only accept bulk purchase! The MOQ is 10 Tons.

vermiculite vs perlite

Vermiculite is the Effective Way of Hatching Reptile Eggs

Vermiculite effectively retains water and slowly releasing it throughout the incubation process. This feature provides your reptile eggs with valuable moisture while ensuring they do not get overly saturated. Vermiculite is also sterile and inorganic, reducing the chances of fungal or mold growth. It works perfectly for beginners and professional reptile incubators to properly hatch healthy, robust offspring.

  • Ultimate incubation media for snakes, lizards, tortoises, turtles, and more! Vermiculite is considered the best egg incubation material by beginners and professional breeders.
  • Discourage fungal growth and supports a clean and sterile environment for reptile eggs.
  • Retain water and slowly release it throughout incubation so that the eggs have the moisture they need to hatch.
  • Easy to work, just wet the vermiculite in an incubating container, burry the eggs under it. The media stays correct throughout incubation.

How to Incubate Reptile Eggs in Vermiculite?

Eggs container

Start with a suitable egg container, something like tupperwaer container with a tight lid will work the best for incubating the eggs. It does not need to be a very deep one, so the kind that is used to store sandwiches is generally the best.

prepare vermiculite in eggs container
Prepare vermiculite for incubating reptile eggs.

Prepare vermiculite for incubating reptile eggs. The typical incubation substrate is a straight vermiculite mix with clean, distilled water. The water to vermiculite ratio is roughly 1:1 by weight. The resulting mixture should hold together when the pressure is released, and not release water when squeezing it with force.

Place the moistened vermiculite in to your incubation container.

Then, place the moistened vermiculite into your incubation container. The desired amount should be able to cover all the eggs about 1/2 – 2/3s of the way up. This ensures that the eggs will have a nice resting spot with ample humidity levels during the entire incubation process. A pinhole can be made in the container for air exchange but you can also simply open it once every few weeks for a moment.

wet vermiculite for incubating reptile eggs
Monitoring the eggs

During the incubation process, you should regularly check only the temperature and humidity in the incubator. If your eggs or medium seem too wet, you can leave the container uncovered for a day or so allowing excessive moisture to evaporate. For dry eggs, water may have to be added to the vermiculite. Only add pure distilled or reverse osmosis water, and make sure not to overly wet the vermiculite.

wet vermiculite for incubating reptile eggs
Just wait for the baby replite hatching

Start with a desired amount of vermiculite that should easily be able to cover all the eggs about 1/2 – 2/3s of the way up. This ensures that the eggs will have a nice resting spot with ample humidity levels during the entire incubation process.

tortoise baby hatching

With the vast majority of species (namely those with soft-shelled eggs), the egg will dimple and then begin to collapse shortly before hatching. This is a sign that hatching is imminent, and you should prepare facilities for the babies at this time if you have not already done so.

On hatch day, remove your new babies from the egg container. Congratulations!

Wholesale Vermiculite Incubation Medium

If you run a reptile hatching business and need to bulk buy vermiculite or perlite for reptile eggs incubation, you can contact our sales expert to ask for the bulk buy price! We’re a mineral-based manufacturer and exporter that sells vermiculite, perlite, silica sand, and other non-metallic mineral products world around. Please send us an email at Or just fill the quote form below to tell us your requirements, we’ll contact you with the best price as quickly as we can!

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