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Common Quartz Sand

Our Common Quartz Sand is generally made of natural quartz ore, through crushing, washing, drying, and secondary screening process. The main composition of silica reaches 98% above, the mohs hardness of quartz sand which we produced can reach 7 degrees,

Being with high mechanical strength, stable chemical performance, strong pollution cutting ability, high benefit and long service cycle, common grade silica sand is generally used as water filtration media, which can soften water quality, making the filter material free from impurities.

Common Quartz Sand particle size range of 5-220 mesh, and the particle size can be customized according to users’ requirements.

Product Description:

  1. Product Name: Common Quartz Sand
  2. Product Appearance: some large particles have yellow skin cysts on the surface.
  3. Product Features: No impurities, no angle adjustment, high density, high mechanical strength, strong fouling capacity, long service cycle, and so on.
  4. Available sizes: 80-120mesh, 40-80mesh, 20-40mesh, 0.5-1.0mm、0.6-1.2mm、1-2mm、2-4mm、4-8mm、8-16mm、16-32mm, etc.
  5. Applications: Water Filtration, Chemical Industry, Sandblasting, Glassmaking, Paint and Coating, Metal production other industries.

Common Quartz Sand Specification:

Proportion (g/cm3)2.66Mosh Strength7.5
Bulk density (g/cm3)1.75Porosity (%)43-47
No-uniform coefficient (K80)≤1.8SiO2 (%)85 – 99.5
Breakage (%)0.53Al2O3≤ 0.15
Clay rate (%)≤1Fe2O3 (%)≤ 0.04
Wear rate (%)0.38CaO (%) 0.09

Typical Applications

  • Glass Industry. 
  • Machinery casting sand, grinding materials.
  • Construction: concrete, cementitious materials, construction materials, artificial marble, test material physical properties of cement (cement standard sand).
  • Ceramic and Refractory material. 
  • Plastic & Rubber.
  • Chemical.
  • Metallurgical silicon metal, ferrosilicon alloy, and silicon Aluminum Alloy.

A Full Range of Sizes of Common Quartz Sand

Size for water purification:

0.5-1mm, 1-2mm, 2-4mm, 4-8mm, 8-16mm, 16-32mm

Size for Industry Field

Ordinary silica sand use for industry field, glass, ceramics, casting, chemicals, construction, and building materials.
4-8mm, 8-16mm, 16-26mm, 26-40mm, 40-70mm, 70-120mm, 325mm

common quartz sand sizes

Packing & Delivery

  • Package Details:
    • 25kg (55lb)/bag, 40kg bags packed in a 1000kg (2200lb) bulk bag or pallet. 1000kg (2200lb) jumbo bag or depending upon your customer’s requirement.
    • All packing wooden material is heat treated.
    • Standard wooden pallet, for wholesale, retail or supermarket selling.
    • 20-25mt /1*20 container
  • Lead Time: 3-25 days after payment according to your order quantities.
  • MOQ: 5 tons.
  • Port: Tianjin port.
  • Terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
  • Payment: L/C, T/T

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