silver crude vermiculite ore

Silver Raw Vermiculite Ore

Silver Raw Vermiculite Ore, good quality crude vermiculite, also called Xinjiang White Raw Vermiculite, because this special kind of crude vermiculite ore is located in Xinjiang, China.

MiningValleys supply a full granule size range, including superfine grade, fine grade, medium grade, and large grade.

  • Item: Silver Raw Vermiculite Flake
  • Size: 0.3-1mm, 1-2mm, 2-4mm, 4-8mm;
  • Expansion ratio: 6-8times
  • MOQ: 1 Ton
  • Trade Term: FOB, CFR, CIF
  • Loading Port: Xingang Port, Tianjin
silver raw vermiculite flake 4-8mm
Silver Raw Vermiculite Flake 4-8mm

What is Raw Vermiculite?

Raw Vermiculite Flake is the name of vermiculite ore, also called unexpanded vermiculite, vermiculite flake, crude vermiculite, unexfoliated vermiculite, and unfoaming vermiculite. After separating from other minerals, raw vermiculite is mined. Then remove the impurities, screen, and classified into several particle sizes. Then the Raw Vermiculite Flake is produced. They are generally brown, yellow, dark green, and have an oily sheen.

The commercial expanded vermiculite manufacturing process consists of two separate operations. Mining and concentrating operations, and exfoliation and classifying operations. Because the exfoliated (expanded) granules are many times greater in volume than before heating. To save transportation costs, commercial vermiculite is usually exported in the form of raw vermiculite flake. Then maybe high away from half a world apart, the raw vermiculite will be exfoliated and classified to produce various sizes of lightweight, expanded vermiculite granules for use in y used in industrial and commercial applications.

Xinjiang White Raw Vermiculite Flake:

There’re two main kinds of vermiculite ore in China, Silver Raw Vermiculite Ore, and Gold Raw Vermiculite Ore. We supply both of them in a full range of granule sizes. Being a mineral products supplier for almost 12 years, we have built business relationships with global clients and customers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Russia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

ItemRaw Silver Vermiculite Ore
Size0.3-1mm, 1-2mm, 2-4mm, 4-8mm;
Expansion ratio6-8times
Package20kg or 25kg per bag; Jumbo bags or 1Ton per bag
Shipping Details20Tons/20’fcl, 1.1Tons/bag, 22Tons/20GP
Lead Timewithin 10-15 days after receiving the deposit.
Payment TermsL/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal
Free SampleAvailable
Loading PortXingang Port, Tianjin
Silver Raw Vermiculite Ore for Exporting

Size and Expansion Times of Silver Raw Vermiculite Flake

Size (mm)Density (g/cm3)MoistureExpanding TimesImpurity
0.3-10.8-0.951-2%6.5 Times16-20%
1-20.8-1.041-2%7-8 Times15-18%
2-40.9-1.01-2%7-8 Times15-18%
3-70.9-1.01-2%7 Times15-18%
Crude Vermiculite Flake Size and Expansion Times

Chemical Properties:

Chemical Properties of Silver Raw Vermiculite Ore

Silver Raw Vermiculite Package

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient, and efficient packaging services will be provided.

  • Package details: 20kg or 25kg per bag; Jumbo bags or 1Ton per bag, 20Tons/20’fcl; 1.1Tons/bag, 22Tons/20GP.
  • Delivery time: Normally 10-15days after we get the advance payment or the L/C.
  • Samples prepared within 2days after receiving your express payment.
  • Port: Tianjin port.

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unexpanded vermiculite

Raw Vermiculite

Vermiculite flake is the crude vermiculite ore, generally called unexpanded vermiculite. After mining from the quarry, the impurities are removed, the appearance is flaky, so it is called vermiculite flakes, also called raw vermiculite, raw vermiculite ore, crude vermiculite, unexpanded vermiculite, unframed vermiculite. With the colors brown, golden, dark green, with oil-like luster. After heating, they change to yellow, brown, and silver-white.

gold expanded vermiculite

The exfoliation process is carried out commercially by passing crude vermiculite through a furnace chamber in a controlled manner. The crude vermiculite then expands at right angles to the cleavage planes, producing concertina-shaped particles many times their original volume. Exfoliated vermiculite size ,includes 0.5-3mm1-3mm1-4mm 2-4mm 2-3mm 3-5mm3-6mm4-8mm6-8mm,special size can be
done as per customer’s demands.

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